NOKIA is bringing 5 cameras on the back panel

NOKIA is bringing 5 cameras on the back panel

NOKIA is bringing 5 cameras on the back panel

The Nokia phone maker, HMD Global, is now working on a program, in which five cameras will be available on the back panel of the phone. So far, you may have seen two or three camera phones but this is Nokia’s first phone, with 5 cameras setup on the back panel.

Tech World has a design leak, with five cameras on its back panel and this phone is being told by Nokia. The thing to note is that this will be Nokia 10 with penta-lens setup.

As leaked photo shows, these five cameras are creating a circle, which has a ceiling LED lens. However, there is no information about how five different lenses will work.

Three camera phones have been launched on the back panel

The Chinese company Huawei launched its ‘Huawei P20 Pro’ smartphone which is also available in India. This phone has three cameras on the back and there is a camera on the front. 40MP + 20MP + 8MP cameras are setup on the back panel. 40 megapixel RGB sensor and another 20 megapixel monochrome sensor. Apart from this, the third sensor is the 8 megapixel telephoto lens. Right now, this year’s launching iPhone can come with a three camera setup.

What is the advantage

According to the company, each camera sets its focus on an object. After that all the sensors take their photos, after which a processor mixes these photos together. In such a situation, the photo will be clearly visible, in which there will not be any kind of dimming. There will also be an option to blur it. At the same time, there is a primary lens in the dual camera setup, which is the main function. The second secondary lens captures such effects as extra light, depth of field and background blur.

2011 was the start of more cameras

The dual camera phone was first launched in 2011. ATC’s Ivo 3D was the first to see the dual camera setup. This dual camera setup was designed to take 3D photos. After this experiment with this technology, but the idea was not successful. In the year 2014, the HTC company has introduced the new phone M8 in which dual rear camera setup was given, which used to capture a great depth of field effect.

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