Flexible display in this tablet, you can easily turn

Flexible display in this tablet, you can easily turn

For the first time, scientists have developed a touch-and-wear touch screen tablet. Scientists have taken inspiration from the old scrolls to create modern day equipment.

This device, called ‘Magic Scroll’, has a flexible display of high resolution, which can be folded or opened towards a 3D printed glazed body. In this spherical body, the computerized interiors function of the device will be present. The user can scroll through the information on the touch screen through two rotating rounds on both sides of the spherical body.

If the user passes through an interesting content and wants to read it in more detail then the display can also be reversed. Due to its light weight and spherical body it is easier to hold it with one hand compared to traditional tablets. It can be folded and kept in a pocket and it can be used as a phone.

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