UBER can soon flying cab!

UBER can soon flying cab!

The cab service provider will be coming out with a flying cab in the coming years. For this, the company has also selected five countries. India also has a name in these countries. These countries include Japan, India, Australia, Brazil and France.

In a statement, the company said that Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore are in cities where traffic is quite high. These are the densely populated cities, due to which it takes people several hours to travel just a few kilometers. The flying camel cab has the potential to become an alternative to any densely populated city.

According to the Indo Asian News Service, the company has also planned to deliver on the delivery of food through drones. Eric Ellison, Head of Uber Aviation Programs, said that we are very proud of organizing the first Uber Elevate Asia Pacific Expo. We are going to announce five countries where Uber will completely change the air transport.

The company said, “In the next five years, using Uber’s service will be able to travel by pressing just one button and calling a flying cab. For this, the company has also partnered with many auto makers and companies in the field of technology. ”

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