Samsung Unbreakable Phone will soon be seen in the market

Samsung Unbreakable Phone will soon be seen in the market

Samsung’s new flagship smartphone can come with a twisted display. In fact, Korean electronics company Samsung said on Wednesday that they had recently got their Smartphone panel certificate from underwrights laboratories. These panels will be used in electronic products such as automobiles, mobile military devices and portable game consoles. Let’s say that Samsung has been manufacturing foldable and unbreakable displays for many years.

The new unbreakable Flaskbill panel will now come with the Unbreakable substrate, which will keep an overlay window secure. This is just like the Flexible display of the fast current generation, where there is a protection of the glass window on the display which can break off when it comes to contact with something. Samsung Display Company General Manager Hojing Kim said that, if it is a matter of plastic window, it is capable of portable electronic device. It is not so capable that it does not break, but it is known for its lightweight, hardness, which is like a glass.

According to Tech World Labs said that Samsung Display has passed the test done through the US Department of Defense. The company said that a drop test was done with the display, where the glass was thrown from a height of 4 feet and left from 71 degrees to -32 degrees. After this there was no harm to the panel and the panel was working perfectly well.

Samsung introduced the Screen Replacement Service

Samsung had taken seriously the complaint about the breakdown of the display, after which the company had released the facility of ‘screen replacement’ in September last year. However this service was for a limited time only. Now the company wants to end the problem of screen breakdown, for which no-breaker display has been developed.

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