Put passwords on the pen drive without software

Put passwords on the pen drive without software

If the smartphone is missing or stolen, its data can be removed from remote access using Android Device Manager, but what if the pen drive is lost? To avoid such problem, you download the software and set the password on the pen drive. But do you know that even a password can be put on the pen drive without any software? At the same time, you can hide your personal folder and photo without app in the smartphone too. Let’s know about it.

It is very easy to set a password on pen drive. To set the password, click on ‘Start’ given in the computer or laptop. After that go to ‘Computer panel’. Click here to select ‘Large icon’ on the right side, click on it and select ‘Large icon’. Then click on BitLocker Drive Encryption. After the new screen opens, it will show computer-connected drives.

There will also be an option of ‘pen drive’ in which the bit locker will be written, click on it. This will open a new window screen, in which the pen drive must type the password. After this, the option of ‘Next’ will appear on that screen, click on it and proceed. Now on the screen, there are two options, above which the save the password will be written. After this process the user’s pen drive will be easily secured.

Hide without software phone folders

The number of apps in the smartphone are hardly known to any user. The real reason for having a phone hang is to be more app. If this is the same in your phone, then delete an app locker or folder locker from your phone because the user can also hide private folder in the phone without ‘App Locker’. For this, go to the phone’s app menu. Click on ‘File Manager’ and enter it. Here you can also select the SD card and the internal memory, where you want to hide your files.

After selecting memory, create the folder. To create a folder, click the ‘Settings’ icon containing the three points at the top right. After this a new window will open which says ‘New Folder’ will be created and the new folder will be created. Keep in mind that before placing the folder name, put the first dot (.) First. After this, press the option of ‘OK’. She will hide as soon as the folder is created. To see the folder again, go to the place of folder creation and go to the ‘Settings’ above and choose show hidden file. After work, to hide the folder again, click on the hide hidden file in the setting.