Japanese Company Made Drone Umbrella, no need to catch in hand


There is a hot summer sun or rainy weather, an umbrella both are important for the weather. But there is a lot of trouble in running the umbrella in the hand. To get rid of this problem, the Japanese IT company has made an umbrella, which will not need to be held in hand.

The most important thing about this umbrella is that it does not have to go by holding it in hand. It can fly with the help of the drone. There is a sensor in it, so it keeps rotating around the person. The weight of this umbrella is five kilogram and at the moment it can fly for 5 minutes. Its width is approximately 125 meters. This umbrella has been prepared by the Japanese company Asahi Power Service Corporation. The company was working on its prototype for a long time. This umbrella uses the camera equipped with Artificial Intelligence to fly over the user.

The company’s chairman Kenji Suzuki said that his company aims to launch this umbrella in the market before the Olympics and Paralympics in 2020. The plan to build such an umbrella was made three years ago. He believed that there should be an umbrella that can be used even if both hands are busy.

According to the Civil Aeronautics rules in Japan, the drone must be about 30 meters away from the person in the public place or the building. It is believed that in the beginning this flying umbrella will be used in private institutions only. The company started working on such systems to make it easy to identify the user who used it.

According to Kenji Suzuki, this prototype company has prepared to understand its flaws. Kanji herself told that this umbrella did not fly long enough due to the weight gain. If a person walks slowly, he can not even roam with him. Being rusty due to the trap, it is difficult to prevent it from being raining even now.

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