Scientists made the world’s smallest computer, Size equal to rice grains

Scientists made the world's smallest computer, Size equal to rice grains

Scientists have developed the world’s smallest computer. It is a computer that is only 0.3 millimeters and it can help to detect cancer and open new doors for its treatment.

Previously, other computers with 2x2x4 millimeter Michigan micro-motors can still keep their programming and data safe while it is not internally charged.

Remove the plug of the charger of a desktop, its data and programs are available even when the power comes in itself, it will be able to boot itself. However, this feature is not available in these new micro-devices. These small computers will be discarded as soon as their programming and data will be finished.

Professor David Blau of the University of Michigan said, “We are not convinced that they should be called computers or not. It is an opinion that there are things with minimal functions like computers. ”

Many types of work can be taken from this computer and it can be used for many purposes. The team making it decide to use it for the clarity of the temperature criteria.

Some studies have shown that tumors are more hot than normal tissues. There was not enough data available to prove this. Temperature can also help to detect cancer treatment.

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