Gmail will not miss any important emails, Alerts will be sent with the help of AI

Gmail will not miss any important emails, Alerts will be sent with the help of AI

Google has introduced a new feature for Gmail. With the help of Artificial Intelligence in this feature, users will be required to send alerts to the required emails on Gmail’s app. For this feature AI will decide based on the activities of your inbox, which email is important for you. Apart from this, such notifications will also be closed. Additionally, the company has announced that users will get updates in the next few days. Earlier this month, Google launched a new component ‘Smart Compose’ last month. This feature also drafts email using AI.

This feature has been built on the lines of ‘Smart Reply’ given by Gmail last year. In this feature, you will now type an email to reply, then Gmail will also suggest. And if you find that suggestion right, you can take that suggestion in your mail by pressing the tab button. This Gmail feature works in your feature background.

Gmail’s new features

Snooze – Gmail has added a new feature. It has been named ‘snooze’. Under this feature, e-mails can be stopped for a fixed period ie snooze.

Najing – With the help of AI in the Najing feature, emails sent by fixed sender will be flagged at certain times. This feature will make it easy to follow up any of the e-mails.

High priority notification – Gmail will flag high priority messages with the help of AI This feature will help you find the email for your work.

Unsubscribe – Gmail will now tell you that you then need to unsubscribe a newsletter or offer. It will be decided on the date of that event.

Better security – With the help of Google AI, check your account security. Under this, you will be checked for incoming e-mails. Also, there is a threat to your privacy, which Gmail will send you an alert immediately.

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