There are 5 fantastic features in the Kimbho App, which is competing with Whatsapp, hardly you know!

Kimbho App

After launching a SIM card by contracting with BSNL in the telecom market, Patanjali of Baba Ramdev has introduced the Kimbho App to give the competition to Whatsapp. However, within a short time of launch, more than one and a half million users downloaded it, but in spite of this it was removed from Google Play Store. There are many such features in the Kimbho app, which are intriguing to know every user. Here we are telling you about 5 such features, which every user who uses the Messaging app must know. Read

Multimedia support

Users in Kimbho app can use videos, photos, doodles, stickers, GIFs. This app supports multimedia. The app claims that users will get multimedia features that meet in Whatsapp.

Video chatting

The Kimbho app launched by Patanjali also supports video chatting. According to the information, users can create groups for chatting in the app, but there is no information about whether the group can make video calls or not.

Maps Support

The app also offers the features of App Support for WhatsApp. Through this feature, you will be able to share your location with your friends.

Android will be available at the App Store

If you talk about a chat app then it will be available on both Android and App Store. However, it was removed shortly after the launch. About this, the company says that the app will be re-launched soon.


Like whatsapps, the app also asks for permissions for many things from users. Mike asks for permission from the user for phone, contact, device id, photos etc.

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