Smart gadgets are not putting a dent in your privacy?

Smart gadgets are not putting a dent in your privacy?

Technology companies now want to present your information immediately to you. For this, they are giving a lot of features in the device, then the voice recording, the camera is on and other smart products. Most of the time he keeps you close to you to keep an eye on most of your activity to respond promptly. For example, the smart speaker present in the house, who keeps on giving you an answer to every single thing, can record every single thing and send it somewhere else. Let’s know that some special ways of avoiding these

Keep mike off

In most smart speakers, a button is given to close the microphone. The point of note is that whenever you start talking personal things, then turn off the smart speaker’s mic button or else switch off the smart speaker with the main switch. Explain that clicking the button in Echo SmartSpikers causes the button to turn red and the rest of the device also gives similar similar signals.

Mike of the phone can turn off the setting

Talking to Mike of the smartphone may seem a little strange to you, but you can limit it. The option to limit this is given in the setting. After going to the phone’s settings, go to App / App / App & Notification. In many phones this option can be in different places. After clicking on this option, a list of all the apps that are installed on your phone will appear on the phone screen.

Open any application in it. After this, permissions will be written in English in the middle of the screen, click on it. After this the screen will clearly appear to show that the special application is using the phone feature. If you wish, you can stop any permissions. For this, you will have to click on the dot in front of that permit and it will turn green from white.

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