‘Fast Finder’ Will Troubles Finding a Phone File

'Fast Finder' Will Troubles Finding a Phone File

Now there are no photos, but thousands of photos, videos, audio and what’s not in the smartphone. More in-house memory comes in the latest phones, due to which more files are found. So what if the user has to search for a single file? Let’s know, the way to overcome this problem.

The ‘Fast Finder’ app on Google PlayStore allows any file in the phone to be easily searchable. It used to show all the files in one place, just like the computer. For example, if you want to find a photo, you will go to the photo section of the media file, while the video for the video will go into the section and search the phone book to search the contact. But when you do not know whether it was a file photo or a contact, then how to search. In this case, ‘Fast Finder’ can prove to be a good option for you. Just type the name in its search bar, after which this app will present all the files related to that name on the screen in sequence. This is a light version app.

‘Search Everything’ app also works

The Search Everything app, which is available for free on Google PlayStore, is also like a Fast Finder. As soon as the user type the first character in the search bar, it will show the related files below. It not only searches files from SD card and internal memory. It shows the files in some apps in the search list. It supports all the formats of the photo. This app comes with some special search filters. For example, if you just want to search the contact, then just click on the contact option and you can take advantage of it.

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