Chrome browser will end up with a secure feature URL

Chrome browser will end up with a secure feature URL

Do not know how many websites are unsafe in the internet world and they can bite your essential data. To prevent this Chrome browser used to put the HTTPS in the beginning of the URL and this feature is going to end. But you do not need to panic because Chrome is coming with its second feature.

The Chrome browser has promised to provide a new feature to protect against unsafe websites. According to Google Chrome’s security product manager Emily Chester, the update version of Google Chrome is chrome 69. The HTTPS written near the URL bar will be closed in. HTTPS was written for Secure website but it will stop coming in new updates. In place of this, unsafe websites will start typing ‘Not Secure’ in red, so that the user gets alert immediately and close the website if not needed. This version will be offered in September this year.

What is the difference between HTTP and HTPS

HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is an application protocol used to send hyper media or hyper text through the Internet. Through this, the client browser can transfer data from the server through the application.

HTTPS is secure

The security of the HTTP is quite weak, it can be hacked easily, it can not be used to send payment gateway or sensitized information at all. HTTPS i.e. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure has been created to fulfill the same shortcomings of HTTP. This is a new and updated version of HTTP.

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