Canon Launches IVY Mini Photo Printer

Canon Launches IVY Mini Photo Printer

There was a time when the walls of the houses were adorned with photos but now it is not so. Now everyone holds the photo in digital form. At the same time, Canon has a mini printer that you can take anywhere, and if needed, print your selfie and photo within few seconds. Its name is Canon IVV Mini Photo Printer.

In this printer, Inc is not used while in which zinc technology is used. It connects to the wire without the phone. The company has set its price at $ 130 (Rs 8,857). Typically, keeping large printers in the house, they occupy more space. There are many people who do not like to keep a printer in their home. For such people this mini printer can prove to be a boon.

If you want to get large photos from user mini printers, this printer removes the photo in four pieces. In fact, this printer works with Canon’s special app, which gives the option of removing four prints of a photo to print large photos which can be added later to make a photo.

The smartphone does not know how much data. In such a case, if your phone does not have memory then you can remove their favorite photo as a memorable one before deleting your favorite photo. Apart from this, all the photos are lost due to phone theft. To avoid such a situation, you can print out all your great photos whenever you want.

The problem with traditional printers is that after purchasing a printer, a lot of money is spent in the ink because ink either gets dry or it gets scattered. But zinc technology is not such. With this technique, the amount spent on inc. Can be reduced. However, the printer is not present in India right now.

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