Now Will not be able to do Bad Tweets on Twitter

Now Will not be able to do Bad Tweets on Twitter

Microblogging site Twitter has taken an important step to increase its popularity by removing wrong and abusive tweets and convergence. Twitter has stepped up its ranking too. Under this, users will not be able to comment wrong on anybody’s tweets on Twitter. Apart from this, no wrong word will appear in the search. This update will be implemented in the entire world this week.

Increasingly on the social platform

Slowly people are starting to get rid of their social media platform. In such a situation, many users do not take into account the language and are said to be abusive. In such a situation, it was very important for the Twitter user to take this step. The option to report on Twitter has also been given.

There was a recent incident

Just recently a case was found in Jammu and Kashmir. There was a case registered against the insulting man on Twitter. According to the information, the police had registered a case against a Kashmiri woman who spread hatred through Twitter.

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