Lenovo Z5 leaked picture

Lenovo Z5 leaked picture

After coming to Nokia in the iPhone in the mobile world, most of the companies are coming to Nokia on their smartphones, but Lenovo can offer this one step ahead, offering a Bezel LS display and a no-nosed smartphone. That is, it will be a full view display but will not be included in this. According to Tech World, Chinese company Lenovo will soon be launching its new flagship smartphone, whose display will come with Bezel and Notch. The name of this phone is Jade 5.

IPhone X Knouch

A full view display is given to the iPhone X but on the top of the screen is the sensor, mic and front camera is required for which a place is given which is called the knouch. Most of the companies followed this design after the iPhone X’s Noch, but the Lenovo Z5 flagship phone will not be able to see this. However, no information has been given yet where in this phone will be the accessories like camera, sensor and speaker.

Type C will be equipped with USB

Lenovo’s flagship smartphone Lenovo Z5 will have Type C USB cable. This cable charges the phone faster and the speed of data transfer increases manifold. According to the information, this phone is made from body metal.

May launch on 14th June

The thing to note is that this phone can be launched on June 14. The price of this phone can be almost the same as the iPhone X. However, no official information has been given on behalf of the company regarding the price.

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