Light-weight SmartWatch launch

Light-weight SmartWatch launch

Fitbit, the leading global wearables brand, launched Fitbit Versa Smartwatch in the Indian market on Thursday, priced at Rs 19,999. Its battery life is more than 4 days and it is equipped with Cross Platform Compatibility Features.

The company said in a statement that Versa is the smartwatch of our most light weight so far, with a lot of competitive price, modern design, advanced health and fitness features, battery life of more than 4 days and smart features and cross-platform competency.

The company said that users of the Android mobile device can reply to the messages while having ‘On-the-Go’ by Fitbit Versa and Fibit Iconic Smartwatch. You can give messages of 60 characters or less text messaging with instant messaging like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

It has the Female Health Tracking App. This is for all adult women who can use the FitBit app to track the menstrual cycle and symptoms. It facilitates the management of their monthly cycle with health and fitness data in one place. Vessel and Ionic users will also be able to view information on Female Health Tracking.

FitBit co-founder and chief executive officer James Park said, “We are excited for the customers of the world who will experience smartwatch with beautifully designed, equipped with advanced health and fitness features. This will allow them to be available in our vast global social network and smart features. ”

Black with Fitbit Versa Black Aluminum Case, Available in Peach Colors with Gray or Rose gold Aluminum Case with Silver Aluminum Case. The special edition of Fitbit Versa is available for Rs 21,999 and its accessories are available between Rs 2,499 and Rs 8,999.

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