Google News is going to change, know what will be special

Google News is going to change, know what will be special

Google News is in news these days. The reason is its design. According to the news, the preparations for the Google News service’s makeover are underway. Soon there will be a big change in its design. It may be official announcement until next week. Google’s Salana Developer Conference, which is going to be next week, will be exposed to the new Google News service in ‘Google I / O’.

In addition to bringing newness to the design of web interface, Google’s digital magazine Newsstand app will also have changes. It may be replaced by a new app. In addition to improving the speed of the new tool, the video will be included as much as possible. YouTube will be added to its news section. It’s news about changes that at the moment, the Newsstand app available for Android and iOS will be replaced by a completely new news app from Google.

The Newsstand app brings you news items from around the world in one place, giving you important news throughout the day. There are changes in its design to provide user interest content. According to sources, the news is that the upcoming changes are being made necessary to integrate all the methods and sources of news in the same brand. Any source of news can be found, Google is in the process of getting the user to the same place. The company will also increase the speed of its mobile app technology, so that web content can be uploaded rapidly on smartphone.

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