Your data is leaked or not, Facebook will send information by sending the message itself

Your data is leaked or not, Facebook will send information by sending the message itself

After getting the name in the data leak case, Facebook users are constantly changing their policies keeping in mind the privacy of users. Now that your data is leaked in the same link or not, now Facebook will give you its information. Facebook will share complete information about data leaked by Cambridge Analyst. Users whose data is leaked will be informed about it in the news feed. About 87 million Facebook_users data stolen according to Facebook_Of which 70 million are from the US only. There are also 1-1 million users from Philippines, Indonesia and the UK.

Facebook will tell you what data leaked

Facebook_has around 2.2 billion users worldwide. Notifications will be sent to all these users. The notification will be titled ‘Protecting Your Information’. A note will be sent along with this notification. Clicking on this link will provide information about which apps users use and what apps the user has shared their personal information with. After this, users can unlink those apps from their profile, as well as completely turn off access to third party apps.

Changes in privacy settings

Make major changes to Facebook’s mobile app and privacy settings. In the new Facebook_settings, users will now be able to easily search the data settings and tools. Users will now be able to easily hide personal data or even remove them from the profile. Not only this settings menu has also been completely changed so people have no problem finding it.

Strict Need for Data Regulation 

2.2 million users are active on social media platform Facebook. Of these, 1.4 billion users are using Facebook_every day. In terms of social media platforms, people regularly share their thoughts, photos and life related information here. Facebook_for most active users has become part of their daily routine. Due to the craving and increasing popularity of the people of Facebook, Facebook_has got its users data base integrated. If this data is leaked, it can be used incorrectly at several large levels. In such a situation, it is necessary to make laws regarding privacy protection and data regulation across the world.

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