Intel Introduced Core I9 Processor for Mobile and Laptop

Intel Introduced Core I9 Processor for Mobile and Laptop

Intel unveiled the Intel Core i9 processor for mobile and laptop on Tuesday, which will provide a great experience of gaming and content creation.

The company claims that it is by far the most high-performance laptop processor built by Intel. The company also announced the introduction of a new Intel Core Platform, which will provide Intel 8 processor Intel Core processors with ‘Opten’ memory. Intel-said in a statement that the new 8th generation Intel-Core i9, i7 and i5 processors for laptops are based on the ‘coffee lake’ platform.

The statement states that the desktop processor provides 41 percent more frames during the gameplay, and 5 percent of video editing makes 59 percent faster.

The eighth generation Intel_ ore i9-8950HK processor is the first mobile Intel-processor equipped with six cores and 12 threads that provide users the highest quality mobile VR and new Windows mixed real-time experience. In addition, the company also launched the Intel-300 Series chipset, which integrates Gigabit Wi-Fi for fast connection.

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