Facebook brought new tool to recognize Fake News

Facebook brought new tool to recognize Fake News

Facebook has brought users a new tool to help identify the faked news on the site. Facebook has taken steps to stop the promotion of Fake News on several platforms on Tuesday. This tool has been removed to learn more about the publisher, author and other story of the article posted by the news organization. Facebook has come up with new tools to identify fake news coming to your feed, in which the US users will get as much information about the news shared on their feed.

In 2016, Facebook was used to manipulate during the presidential election. Given this, Facebook_has taken this step. Facebook_says it is preparing a series of new tools to help users verify the news articles shared on their dashboard. Told that US users can now see more references to an article by looking at the publisher’s Wikipedia page and read related articles on the subject. Facebook_is also releasing a ‘Shared By Friends’ feature, which shows how often the article is shared on the site, as well as another tool that gives users the option to follow the publisher’s Facebook_page.

The tool shows whether the publisher is Wikipedia page or not. facebook_had trilmed some tools in October last.

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