Auto play video will be off in the new version of Chrome

Auto play video will be off in the new version of Chrome

Some videos play in the browser themselves. This causes the user to have trouble, but now Google has taken it seriously. Some new provisions are included in Google’s browser ‘Chrome version 66’. Google Chrome’s next update version is ‘Chrome-version 66’. In it only there will be video auto play in which to turn the sound on, they have to click on them. This version is currently in beta channel and after completion of all the tests it can be launched till next month.

Some such changes are in Chrome_version 64 released in January. In this you can mute any website forever. Google Chrome_will not be the first browser to have such features, but there is a similar feature in Apple’s Safari browser. Safari 11 features an auto play block tool that gives people control over such video.

Internet Data also does saving

The Chrome-browser, which launches on December 11, 2008, has a feature to save data. The name of this feature is ‘data saver’. By the way, most of the phones come in default and those whose phones are not on, they can turn it on in Chrome’s settings. It also tells the amount of internet data saved with the help of graph.

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