Apple may launch this year 3 iPhones, this can be screen size

Apple may launch this year 3 iPhones, this can be screen size

Apple is working on this year’s launch of the iPhone. According to various reports, Apple can launch three iPhones for 2018. These three can be 6.5 inches, 6.1 inches, and 5.8 inches of screen. Now a new report has come out that the price of the Apple_iPhone x (2018) model has been told.

According to the information, Apple’s 5.8-inch screen can be priced lower than the iPhone x. This model will be the 2018 model of the iPhone x.

Luke Lin of Digitimes Research told that the cost of making the previous model of the iPhone x is more than making the iPhone 5.8 inch screen that launches this year. According to them, the price of the iPhone x was $ 400, which could be lower in this model. Because of this, the company can offer this model as the lowest price phone this year.

Lin further stated that Apple could take two OLED iPhones (5.85 inches and 6.45 inches). At the same time, a 6.1-inch model can be LCD.

It is further reported in the report that the Apple iPhone will be the lowest priced 5.85 inch iPhone in all the three models launched this year. Apart from this, the main difference may be RAM.

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