These 15 Computer Shortcuts Key Save Your Time

Your computer will save up to 15 keyboard shortcuts

In this period of technology, the computer has become a need of human being. Nowadays most of the work is happening on the computer. The work that many people meet for hours together, the computer completes that work in a short time. This saves time, hard work and money. In today’s era, our reliance on computers continues to grow. In such a situation, it is mandatory for all people to know computer information. The mouse is used to run the computer. The job with the mouse becomes easy. If ever the mouse gets damaged, you can do your work even through the keyboard. However, for this, you should know about keyboard shortcuts. Your one moment is prized. Using keyboard shortcuts also saves time. Today we will tell you about some computer keyboard shortcuts you can use to save your time.

शार्टकट कीबोर्ड से कंप्यूटर चलाने में होती है आसानी

There are some ‘shortcuts’ in the computer, which are needed when creating a document, writing an email, and in many other places. With the use of the shortcut keyboard, it is easy to run on computers with time saving.

Ctrl + Z:- Undo

Where you’re working on MS Word or typing an email on the Internet, you can go back one step using Ctrl + Z. You can use it to delete entire paragraphs in Word at a time.

Ctrl + W:- Close

If you have opened several tabs on your computer’s browser, and you want to close a tab immediately, you can use it. Using this shortcut keyboard, you can close the image by clicking on an image without cut.

Ctrl + A:- Select All

This shortcut is used to select the whole text of a document together. Apart from this, the entire file for a folder is selected. Using it saves time. If you do not use it, it is time consuming to click and drag the mouse.

Ctrl + F:- Find

A word You can use it to find a word or a name from a list of many people on a document or any page of the Internet. After pressing this shortcut keyboard, you need to enter the word on the right side of the screen and enter it. After that you will easily reach that word.

Alt + Tab:- Move from

One window to another window You can use it to move from one window to another window. In addition, if you have many tabs open in the computer, you can easily switch from one tab to another using it.

Alt + F4:- Close the window

If there are too many windows open on your computer, you can turn them off using it. If you have not saved the meter, then do not worry, because the computer will give you a message on the screen to save the meter.

Ctrl + Esc:- Open the Start menu

This shortcut you can open the Start menu using the mouse without it. If you want to use the keyboard continuously, you can navigate to the Start menu with the cursor, tab and Shift + Tab.

Win + L:- Lock the

Computer You can use this shortcut keyboard to lock the computer. With this shortcut keyboard your computer will be locked and ask user ID and password to use it again.

Win + I:- Open Settings

You can easily open the settings of the system using it. In addition, you can open the Action Center panel by clicking Win + A, then the notification will be visible. After this settings can open.

Win + S:- Windows Search

You can use this shortcut keyboard to search windows and web.


You can use this shortcut keyboard to rename a file in Windows. In addition, Microsoft Word can use it to view the print preview of any file in Word.


You can search the search box using this shortcut. Then you can search any file or folder after that. In addition, when pressed into MS-DOS, the first typed command is re-typed.


This shortcut is used to refresh the system. Apart from this, pressing it in PowerPoint starts the slide show.


After pressing this shortcut in Microsoft Word, if you type anything then the spelling automatic check of that word will be started.


This shortcut keyboard is used to make full screen views in internet browsers.

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