Mario on Google Map will show you the way

Mario on Google Map will show you the way

Children born in the ’90s must have played’ Mario ‘video games. In this game there was a character named Mario, which everyone liked. He was the best fighter of his school. After seeing her long jump, children started playing applause while playing the game. Now your childhood superhero Mario will appear on Google Map. He will now show you the route on Google Maps.

In fact, Google has signed a ‘Mario’ game maker Nintendo to celebrate March 10 on Mario_Day (MAR10). A Google spokeswoman told a website that there was no deal of money between Nintendo and Google for this. The arrow appeared during navigation in Google Maps first. Now at the place of that arrow, now your childhood superhero Mario_will be sitting in his car and will show you the path.

What is ‘Mario’?

‘Mario’ is a character of the video game. The name of the company that created the ‘Mario’ game is Nintendo. There is a road in Spain in the name of this game. This game was released on September 13, 1985. This game was first released by Japan. It used to be the most popular video game in the 90’s. Its 31 million copies sold in the world. The children used to be passionate about this game and Mario_used to be his favorite character. The children were very pleased to see her long jump and fight.

Do this steps to activate

To activate Mario_on your smartphone, you need to update Google map. This is available for Android and Iosos users. After updating Google Map from Play Store or App Store, you have to enter your destination. Then click on the Start option. After this ‘Mario_Mode’ will be activated and you can start navigation. During Navigation, before you saw the arrow running, now you will see Mario_sitting in his car and you will be seen telling him the way. ‘Mario_Mode’ is activated on March 10 in your Google map and will run for a whole week.

To use the Mario_feature, you need to update Google Maps. Google said in a statement that this Mario will not only see your way on the day of ‘Mario_de’, but it will tell you the route through Google Map for a whole week. Google said Google Map users can take screenshots of Mario’s Navigation Root and they can tweet or post with #MarioMaps hashtags by tagging @GoogleMaps on Twitter and Instagram.

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