These 5 mistakes you should never do while charging your smartphone, otherwise…

Do not forget about charging smartphones, these 5 mistakes, otherwise...

The number of mobile users in the country is constantly increasing. In the last few years, billions of new smartphone users have increased. As mobile users are increasing, mobile companies are making smartphones more battery-friendly. But despite the battery being better, the events related to it often appear. The experts have advised to take certain precautions while charging the mobile. Here we are going to tell you some things that you should not forget when charging your mobile.

1. Do not charge mobile with any other charger

Many times people start charging their phones with others’ mobile chargers. In such cases, the risk of battery getting damaged many times. Do not charge your phone by forgetting the other charger.

2. Buy original charger only

After mobile charger is spoiled, mobile users often purchase cheap and durable chargers. Experts believe that these cheap and durable chargers can be dangerous for you many times. Apart from this, it can also spoil the mobile. Do not forget to buy a local company or other company’s charger.

3. Remove the phone cover while charging

If the cover is covered while charging the phone, then it should be removed. Apart from this, the phone should be kept on a cloth while charging. This will not harm the display.

4. Do not charge the phone for charging overnight