Instagram can come soon Video and audio calling feature

Instagram can come soon Video and audio calling feature

Instagram has been testing many features for the past few days. Now news is that the Instagram can soon come with video and audio calling features. According to the information, Instagrams going to bring video and audio calling features just like Snapchat. Snapchat already has video and audio calling facility.

According to TechCrunch’s report, Instagram_is testing ‘Video’ and ‘Audio’ calling features for Android. The news website has seen the ‘video’ and ‘audio’ icon. To call someone on the Instagram, you have to open the chat box, then you can talk by clicking on the ‘video’ and ‘audio’ icon. It is believed that Instagram_is bringing this feature to give snapchat collision.

Notify about ‘stalkers’ Notification

Instagram has just recently edited a new feather. Instagram_will notify its users about ‘stalkers’. If you also take a screenshot of someone’s ‘stories’ on the Instagram_or record the screen, then be careful now. So far if someone took a screenshot of your story, you could not know, but now you will know who has taken screenshots of your stories. If you put a story on the Instagram, it will be removed after 24 hours. Just as if someone sees your stories, you have a show, in the same way, the person who has taken screenshots will also know. If you take any screenshots, then a Sun-shaped symbol will appear in its Story Views section with its name and photo

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