This new feature of Whatsapp will change everything, know how


It often happens that within a few minutes your phone’s screen is filled with hundreds of WhatsApps Notifications. These are all messages and messages that come in the Notification Friends Group. Sometimes it also gets annoyed because of it. But, now you do not have to worry because you have got ready to get rid of this problem.

Whatsapp users are going to get a great feature soon, after which the use of whitespace will change. Whatsapp is working on such features, through which you can control the notifications based on priority. After this, you will get the same notification which you want. According to the Android Police, users will now be able to customize their messages and decide who whose notifications are coming to notifications and whose names are not. Not only that, Android Police has also seen this feature on the beta version of the app. That is, it means that you will now be able to mute the message and messages as you wish.

It is reported that WhatsApp will offer 10 new notification channel categories and each one will have an option to control it. This will be ten categories: Group Notification, Message Notification, Chat History Backup, Critical App Alerts, Failure Notification, Media Playback, Uncategorized, Other Notifications, Sanding Media and Silent Notification. You can turn notifications on or off for each category. Apart from this, they can also mark the status of High Priority, Medium Priority, and Low Priority. there will be no sound in the medium Priority and there will be no sound in the low priority and the pop up will not open on the screen.

To access these categories, you will have to hold on the WhatsApp Notification and tap on the selection, then select ‘all categories’ and select the option. However, the feature is currently only available in the beta version of the app. If this is successful, then everyone can be presented soon.