Google’s new headphone does a touch in translation!

google headphone

If you have gone to other countries and are unable to understand the language there, then a new Google tool can help you. So far you have seen good headphones for listening to music, but Google has brought a unique headphones that lets you listen to the translation of languages.

Listen like this language translation
This headphone made by Google will translate some of the languages of the user into the language. You just have to tap on this headphone while speaking or starting a voice. After heading, this headphone gets activated. To listen to the language translation, you need to install the Transcript app in Google’s smartphone pixel. As soon as you tap on the headphone, the next time you open the app in the phone you can hear the translation of that language.

Although these processes are a bit slow but they will easily translate the translation of a language. Although it has not been able to know which other languages it has translated so far.

People are not happy with headphones
The new feature of Google’s new headphones is unique in itself, but these headphones are not considered to be good for music. Its touch system activates automatically, even when you do not want it. Besides, its sound quality is also not something special. Also, the headphones of this headphone end without warning.