Now the iphone consumer will see youtube videos on whatsapp


Whatsapp has launched a new feature for iPhone consumers in which YouTube will not have to open yet to play video sent to WhatsApps. Under this app, if you have a link to a YouTube video on your WhatsApps page, you will not have to go outside of Whatsapps to see it. YouTube videos will start running on your chat window.

According to a website monitoring Whatsapp’s beta program, consumers have to update their Whatsapps to get this feature by visiting the Apple Play Store. There have been some other improvements in this too. Consumers will see a play option when they come to watch a YouTube video on WhatsApp. Previously, after clicking on the link to the YouTube video that came on WhatsApps, the video was opened in the YouTube app in the consumer’s phone.

According to the website, Whatsapp’s chat window on the video window will not stop even if you go to another chat window. This feature is now available on Android and Windows Mobile. There are 20 million active users in India, while 1.22 billion active users worldwide.