Facebook can bring new feature for local news “Today in”


Social networking website Facebooks brings new features to the user’s day. This time Facebook is testing a new feature, which will give users information about City-specific news, events, etc. According to Tech World, Facebook has named its feature ‘Today In’. Also, this feature is being tested in a few select markets. This feature will be introduced in the US in the beginning of the company.

Facebook’s News Partnership team is using both human curation and machine learning for content found in the ‘Today In’ section. Facebooks has used the algorithmic method to advance content. It is therefore noteworthy that the company is providing some human curator jobs here.

Facebook has taken this step under the Journalism Project Initiative. The company had announced this program only in January last year. At the moment, ‘Today In’ is the main button of the Facebooks main-right button in the button. At the same time, users will find information about local groups and events along with local outlets in this section. At the moment, this feature is at the initial stage. At the same time, there is no information that when Facebooks will roll out this feature to other cities, then it will not be known.

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