5G Smartphones Coming Soon, These Companies Started Work

5G Smartphones

After the 4G mobile came in, the 3G mobile and network started slowing down. Now, 5G Smartphones can knock the mobile market very soon. There will be many special features in this, which are not available to you in 4G. Many of the world’s mobile companies Telecom operators are working on this.

Just 13 months later

According to a report in the market, the world’s leading mobile operator AT & T, Verizon and T-Mobile have started working on 5G equipment. It has been said in the report that these companies are preparing to present the 5G equipment market in the year 2019.

Samsung has also

Started working on the 5G Smartphones technology this year, Samsung, among the world’s leading smartphone companies in the race. However, the company has not given its information as soon as its product market will come down. Apart from Samsung, companies like Nokia, Intel and Huawei are also preparing for 5G mobile.

5G will be low Battery consumption

There is currently no standard set up for this technology. But despite this, telecom companies are moving forward with keeping the special 5G Smartphones technology, which entices consumers as a standard. Under this, the minimum 100Mbps speed is ready. In addition, companies are working on such technology, through which 5G has low battery consumption. Experts believe that in 5G, connectivity will be much better than 4G.