Before the Apple-Samsung, this company will have a fingerprint scanner in the display

fingerprint scanner

China’s smartphone maker Vivo can become the world’s first company to provide a fingerprint scanner on the smartphone’s display. For this, Vivo has entered into an agreement with the company called ‘Signetics’. Vivo and Signeticus are making a concerted effort to give fingerprint scanners only on the phone’s display. Significantly, Samsung and Apple have long been talking about giving their physical fingerprint scanners to their smartphones. But the recent Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and the iPhone X’s display have not seen such a feature.

Having a fingerprint scanner on a smartphone’s display would mean it would be a pure bezel lace display handset. The fingerprint scanner in the display will allow users to easily unlock their phones. Let the user know that Vivo is the fifth largest smartphone maker after Samsung, Huawei, xiaomi, and Oppo.

To make smartphone display fast and secure, Signature can also make changes in the smartphone’s user interface. Earlier, the iPhone manufacturer Apple had claimed to have provided fingerprint scanners in their iPhone X, but according to a report of English website Phone, the pattern seen on the display is not a fingerprint scanner but facial recognition feature.