Instagram Launched Story Archive and Story Highlight Feature


The 3.3 million Indian user Instagram has released two new features. There is a Story Highlight and another Story Archive feature. Let’s know about these two features.

Giving information on the blog, the company said that these new tools will give the user the feature of keeping their favorite motors on Instagram Stories and sharing them. Stories Highlights is a new part of your profile, where you can express yourself through your stories. At the same time, you can do highlights, after which your stories will be saved by visiting the private stories archive itself.

Story will not be deleted after 24 hours Instagram Story User has become the main way of expressing itself, but on this platform, users cannot keep their stories for more than 24 hours. Right now, you can highlight your stories and keep them in your profile. Story Highlights will now appear in your profile bio in a new section.

How To Create Highlight On 

Instagram, users need to tap on ‘new’ circle. From here you can select any story from your archive. After this, select a cover for the highlight and name it.

Learn How Stories Archive Works

Stories Archive

As you move forward, your stories will be saved automatically in the archive. With this feature, the user can see his favorite moment again.

To do this, use 

your stories to be used in archive, touch the user on your archive icon. From here you can easily switch between your archive archive and your new stories archive. Your Story will appear in the Grid in your Story Archive below.