E-Safety: Facebook Asks Nude Photos To Stop Revenge Porn

Facebook xtremeroms



Facebook has taken out a new way to avoid mutual contamination or to avoid revenge porn used to take revenge. Facebook has asked for nude photos from its users in Australia to deal with the wrong use of highly personalized images on the Internet. Under the project to match the pictures of users, Facebook has asked to do so, to prevent the misuse of private photographs of anyone without permission.


You can protect your private photo like this

Adults who have shared naked or intimate photos with anyone online and are afraid of sharing them with someone else, they can give information to the Government of Bangladesh’s Equity Commission. After this, send photos safely through messenger through this process, Facebook will make a special kind of digital fingerprint by choosing them.

Due to the digital fingerprint, these photos will not be able to get further shares on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. This is a precautionary attack against porn created with a sense of revenge. This type of porn is often used for online harassment.

Facebook’s global security chief, Antigon Davis said, “We are using photo matching technology to prevent sharing of photos without consent.” A Facebook_spokesman said that UK, Canada and the US are also expected to participate in this project.

EFSI Commissioner Julie Inman Grant said that through this process, the power of those criminals will be lost, who want to embarrass the victim among friends, family and colleagues.