Android 8.1 Device Brick after Factory Reset was a Bug, Promises a Fix Google Confirms that

Android 8.1 Device Brick
Android 8.1 Device Brick


Android 8.1 Developer Preview 1 may have had plenty of new highlights and changes as a support discharge for Android Oreo, however it has not been free from its offer of bugs. Recently, a Reddit client revealed a peculiar episode which drove some to speculate that Android 8.1 had changed the default conduct of Factory Reset Protection, Android’s against robbery highlight. Others clients called it a bug, and we concurred.

In all variants of android 1 since 5.1 Lollipop, working in which merchandise are made begin again arrangement of tend to exchange has worked along these lines the clients Google adaptations isn’t wiped out even after a working in which products are made begin once more, so the let-through mystery expression of the record must be entered to associations and utilize the phone. On the off chance that the individual edge for occasions up the mechanical assembly does not know about the Google accounts let-through mystery word, the contraption is viably pointless, thus keeping from wrongdoing against property.

Regardless, Reddit customer tombolger communicated that when he reset his Pixel 2 XL on Android 8.1 DP1, the contraption moved toward him for his neglected jolt screen plan, instead of asking for the watchword of his Google account. As he couldn’t review the illustration, the device was forever bricked and there was no option left yet to send the contraption to Google.

The RMA was handled and he got a substitution gadget, so his concern was settled. In any case, clients were pondering whether the issue he confronted was a bug or whether it was (new) proposed conduct for Factory Reset Protection on Android 8.1. To clear up the issue, 9to5Google connected with Google for input.

Google’s reaction affirmed that this was not proposed conduct and was rather a bug. Agreeing to 9to5Google,  Google affirmed that Android 8.1 Developer Preview 1 has a bug identifying with bolt screen designs. The report expressed that clients in a comparable situation that set a PIN or secret key (rather than an example bolt) would have the capacity to sidestep Factory Reset Protection with their Google account.

This implies there is a particular issue which happens just when design open is chosen as secure screen security Android, which to some degree decreases the extension and additionally effect of the bug. Clients who have chosen a PIN code or secret key are not influenced.

Google expressed to 9to5Google that the bug will be settled in the following engineer review of Android 8.1 that is planned to come in the not so distant future. All in all, clients can breathe a sigh of relief realizing that there will be no change to Factory Reset Protection’s present conduct in the steady form of Android 8.1 (which is said to be discharged in half a month).