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Xtreme roms TF (V2.5.1)

From TF Android Developers, we are pleased to present you the first ROM Lollipop (5.1) for our S3 Jiayu. Conducted and compiled by us, after a costly work to adapt the micro to Lollipop and with the collaboration of Jiayues and Ejiayu, we present this ROM fully functional and adapted to the major specifications of this terminal. It has a maximum fluidity and absolute power, thus adapting perfectly to the S3, in such a way that power each of its features. With updates via OTA (Over The Air) to be able to adapt it to the continuing needs of the most demanding user and continuous updates to Android, correcting any bugs that might be popping over time, in order to have the best ROM for the best terminal as well and making easier the most update end-user. Also say that it is the official ROM from Jiayues who we thank for the trust has placed in us. And to Ejiayu for having provided the source code, so necessary to adapt the ROM to the phone, the software to the hardware and, thus, to strength en each of its functions.


Xtreme roms 2.5.3: Root/unroot correction

Xtreme roms 2.5.1: Correction change detection method and modem

Xtremeroms 2.5: Improvements root / unroot

NTFS support

Governor default intelligentsia
Sio default BFQ
Governors of CPU added: cardinal, thunder x, intelligentsia, Wheatley, darkness, yank active
SIO added: BFQ, sio, zen, vr
Added more times countdown camera
Reduced the volume at lower levels
Added intermediate steps in continuous shooting camera
Xtreme categorized settings
Added flashlight to press home on lock screen
Added option to disable the LED while charging the phone
Added option to change resolution
Added option to change the style settings to Mode 2 columns
OTA update app, now downloaded automatically removed (not to occupy more space than necessary)
Xtreme Added option to change the modem settings
eliminated Rootbrowser

minor changes
Xtreme roms 2.4:
Added Root / Unroot in Settings Xtreme Xtras (Pokemon Go for applications such as detecting root and do not work)
Xtremeroms 2.3:
Dolby atmos corrected on some devices

Xtreme roms 2.2:
Corrected Whatsapp installation error
Corrected “Optimizing apps” on every reboot error
Fixed bug in Google Docs
Changed modem to solve recording calls error and message of call
Improvements GPS and WiFi
Xtreme roms 2.1:
Changed modem, Wi-Fi and GPS
Improved camera 13MPX full screen
Flash and color
Quick charge

Minor bugs

Xtreme roms 2.0:
Added Layers (Topics)
TF Launcher (you can change the icons)
Improvements and corrections modem and ril
Xtreme options added in Settings
Redesigned image ROM
Time estimation load Keyguard
Xtreme roms V1.3:
Corrected fall 20% battery
Xtreme roms V1.2:
Fixed error loading 0%
Fixed app update (languages)
Xtremeroms V1.1:
CVE-corrected 2015 3864
20% drop corrected battery (first approximation)
Eliminated googlehome
Improved automatic brightness values
Error Correction in call volume (the volve is down one point)
Enable silent mode by pressing volume down after being in vibration
Service removed FM Transmitter
App name changed FM Radio
NFC added to main menu settings (option eliminated more)
Read NFC with display off
Fixed battery statistics reset after reboots (yet to debug)
Green led charge changed from 97% rather than 90%
Fixed tethering
MaxxAudio replaced by Dolby Atmos
deodexado rom (improved compatibility with Xposed)
Kernel 0.38 Umbrella
Load restored stock values ??(correction for smart chargers etc.)
added option in shutdown menu screenshot
Added sounds and ringtones
NPC and updated SPN
Removed need to dial roaming MVNO
Added possibility of main image attached to the contact edit contact
Miravision corrected
Corección of numbers in contacts and calls internacioneles
Camara, 12mpx full screen (16mpx and added 20mpx interpolated) and rear 5mpx 16: 9
Added more resolutions by interpolation
Added button to kill all apps in progress
Small bugs to eliminate lags at certain times
Ability to disable the LED notifications
Added options in personal settings, network speed status bar Back to close app, mute catches
Translation and minor modifications Launcher
In auto-start, data protection, app permission
Created Flashlight app
Added engineer mode Development Options
Fixed usb mass storage
Camera recording in MP4
Sort alphabetically Bluetooth devices in QuickSettings
Improved battery saving mode: rule and off
Open application by clicking on the icon in Application Information
New transition panel volume
Add app icon on toast
Added SuperSU adjustments
Improved network information in the status bar
changing transitions to x0.5
Webview alternative use should install
Kernel 0.38 Umbrella
change in dirtyratio
fairsleep disabled
Added memcpy
fs change in async io
reduced log buffer
crc disabled spi
entropy changed



Installation through Recovery only if you’re in Lollipop.
If you pass from Kitkat Lollipop use version for SP Flash Tool.
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